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Nonprofit Information

Homeschool Excursions greatly appreciates your tax-deductible support of our programs!

Homeschool Excursions is a program sponsored by Educational Excursions, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
We seek funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations to help support our programs.

Donations are tax deductible (check with your financial advisor), and 100% of the funds received subsidize the activities we offer. Our goal is to reduce program fees to make every event accessible to all homeschoolers, regardless of their financial situation. Please help us provide the community with affordable exciting educational opportunities.

Educational Excursions' mission is to provide unique, hands-on experiential opportunities for students of all ages.
In these challenging times, your goal is to secure additional funding to we can continue to lower registration rates.
We want all families to have the ability to participate in our programs, regardless of their financial situation.

If you know a family, company, or foundation that can help us to achieve our goals and accomplish our mission,
please let us know. We appreciate your help as we continue to expand our services
so we can better serve the community.

Listed below are some of the new priorities associated with this development. These objectives will continue to expand as new issues are raised.

  • Secure grants and donations to subsidize program costs in an effort to make all activities affordable for every homeschooler, regardless of their financial situation.
  • The continued development of our Board of Directors
    • This is composed of homeschoolers, their parents, and other qualified individuals.
    • We meet quarterly.
    • Responsibilities include the allocation of funding received through charitable donations and grant solicitation, as well as the development of new activities and programs.

Please e-mail Homeschool Excursions if you are interested in joining the Board. Include a brief summary as to why you would like to participate in this venture and a phone number where we can contact you.

Homeschool Excursions has been established to offer exciting and affordable programs for the homeschoolers in Georgia, and often times we have reduced activity fees to cost, or sometimes below cost, to enable everyone to participate. We want to continue offering this service, so please help. If our overhead is covered (insurance, internet and web hosting, office supplies, cell phone, etc), the program fees will remain as low as possible.

It is a goal of Homeschool Excursions to offer all day-long programs for $5.00 or less, hopefully this year, through donations (grants, individuals, businesses, etc). We have had a positive response from several of the foundations from which we have sought grant funding, but the process takes time

Homeschool Excursions is now accepting tax-deductable donations. When you consider your end-of-the-year contributions, keep us in mind. 100% of the funding generated through charitable donations will be applied to lower ticket costs in an effort to provide all homeschooling families with the option of participating in our exciting programs.

Homeschool Excursions greatly appreciates your tax-deductible support of our programs!


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